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          LFP Series(10AH-200AH)

          LFP series lithium battery system for communication is a high-tech product, it’s manufactured and developed successfully by Shoto Group; The product has many merits mainly includes: integration, miniaturization, light-weight, intelligence centralism and monitoring, maintenance and management, u...

          6-FMXH Series High Temperature Battery(12V,100AH-190AH)

          Best performance for continuous operation up to 35°C Extend service life under high temperature Excellent over discharge recovery capability

          6-GFM series(24AH-200AH)

          AGM technology applied in 6-GFM series batteries Float charge service life under normal operation at 25℃ would be 1 2 years Positive grid is made of special multi alloy, which overcomes the shortcomings of early capacity loss. It has long service life under both float charge and cycle utilizat...

          VRLA SLI Battery for Locomotive (DLM-170, NF-360, NM-450)

          Structure Characteristics Perfect seal of post: unique structure of triple seal(patent: ZL 02 2 20024.X) to totally prevent the acid leakage. Retardant-lame and blast-guardsafety valve: the open and close pressure of the valve is stale and reliable. Effective structure for quakeproofing and he...

          GFM Series(200AH-3000AH)

          Shuangdeng Brand GFM series VRLA battery is the latest product developed by Shuangdeng through latest modern technologies. The product conforms to Standard YD/T799-2010 of the Ministry of National Information Industry, Japan JISC8704-2:1999 standard as well as IEC60896-2,2004 standard. Its perfor...

          Container Electric Storage System

          Large energy storage system is beneficial to reliable operation of grid. It has important effect in adjusting load curve, load shifting,improving utilization of grid equipment and line, adjusting frequency of grid and enhancing the power level of grid, etc. The container energy storage system is...

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