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          "2014 overall standings top ten Chinese battery brand" glory revealed

          Views:8909         Author:admin2         Publish Time:2017-04-14

              "Brand ranking net" (www.10brandchina.com) set off a new movement, "2014-batteries, China top ten brands award" a few days ago a perfect ending. As currently the most authoritative and widest participation of integrated brand selection site, brand ranking network of each event has become a hotspot of the online and offline media. This times award exception hot, not only attract has domestic many battery brand and dealer of participation, while, also was Sina, and NetEase, and Xinhua, and CCTV, more than 70 over well-known network media scramble to reported, "2014 degrees China battery ten brand Award" used consumers voting + qualification audit system, not only enterprise participation award needs after qualification certification, and will on consumers voting for 24 hours votes, powerful of put an end to has malicious brush votes of phenomenon, guarantee has award of fair and just. After a heated race, the event on November 27, a perfect ending. Top 2014 "China top ten brands of battery" good businesses and brands are as follows:

              First place: Ming Tai, Zibo mingtai electronics technology limited

              Second place: AMD AMD power supply co

              Third place: windsurfing sails company limited

              Fourth place: Guangdong Yuasa Yuasa battery co

              Fifth place: lishilishi international technology co

              Sixth place: Jiangsu shuangdeng shuangdeng group limited

              Seventh place: guangyu Harbin coslight storage battery company limited

              Eighth place: Jinjiang in Warwick Warwick co, Ltd

              Nineth place: camel camel group company limited

              Tenth: unified Tianjin Klipsch battery co

              First place: Zibo mingtai electronics technology limited (Alpha)

              Zibo mingtai electronics technology co, Ltd, is one of domestic research and development, production of professional power batteries, leoch unit of electric vehicle Association, Shandong province. Since 1995, the company registered "mingtai" brand, dedicated to battery development and production, has gone through nearly 20 years of experience. Companies adhere to the technology-oriented strategy guiding ideology, continued its efforts to strengthen technological research and development, technological innovation, now has more than 40 varieties of specifications of batteries. Products are widely used in electric cars, electric trucks, police cars, golf carts, electric sightseeing cars, electric forklifts, electric pallet trucks, and other fields.

              Alpha brand new tube-powered batteries to reliable quality, well received by users and favorable comments. Now whole Depot supporting of has Henan Zhengzhou Sen source hung horse EV limited, and Henan Ben horse Corporation, and Tianjin Qingyuan electric limited, and Jiangsu gold Tin electric limited, and Foton lovol heavy workers Corporation, and Shandong Galien special electric technology limited, and Qingdao o Ke m electric limited, and Zibo Shun Thai electric limited etc domestic well-known Enterprise; now using alpha brand products of has Henan Songshan Shaolin Temple, and Hainan Sanya ends, and Zhengzhou yellow tourist area, and forbidden city, and Shidu travel area of Fangshan, Xian terracotta warriors and horses in Shaanxi Province, the mausoleum in Shaanxi Province, famen Temple and so well-known tourist attractions, its supporting products recognized by the users.

              Alpha development Description:

              In December 2006 passed quality management system certification.

              In March 2007 the national industrial products production permit.

              December 21, 2010 by the Shandong provincial Department of science and technology fruit appraisal of the leading domestic level.

              In November 2011, tubular traction battery is included in the planning of Twelve-Five by Ministry focuses on the development of new products.

              On December 5, 2011 approved by the municipal science and Technology Bureau of lead-acid motive battery Engineering Research Center of Zibo city.

              2010, 2011, two years in a row by District Government awarded the advanced enterprise of independent innovation.

              In 2011 the City Science and technology progress award.

              January 18, 2012, approved by the municipal science and Technology Bureau of Zibo city new energy strategic alliances in technological innovation of large capacity battery for electric vehicle industry focal points.

              2012 declared 6 invention patents, utility model patents and 7.

              In April 2012, the company applied for Shandong province famous trademark.

              In October 2012, our products have been identified as the international advanced level.

              December 2013 through 18,001:2007 occupational health and safety management system OHSAS certification

              December 2013 through ISO 14,001:2004 environmental management system certification

              In 2014, at both the national and the provincial government, the city of Zibo in Shandong province strongly supports the policy guidelines of the new energy industry, coming on stream by the end of the "annual output of 1 million new energy KVAh batteries project" Zibo city, was listed as a key project of the City Government, Nissan's new energy battery will reach 3,000. When the "alpha" through innovative technology, to provide a smart, environmentally friendly, high-quality, personalized products, advanced technology transfer for sustainable productivity, combining domestic and foreign technology, capital markets and product terminal market model.

              Second place: chaowei power limited (AMD)

              Zhejiang chaowei power supply company was founded in 1998 and headquartered in Changxing County, Zhejiang, after more than 10 years of rapid development, AMD has developed into a company specializing in dynamic, energy-storage battery development and manufacturing national industry leaders, the Hong Kong-listed company, national battery industry 11 cleaner production initiatives launched one of the units.

              Leading products for the electric bicycle, electric cars and solar energy storage for wind power generation and other uses of power and energy storage-lead-gel batteries, lithium batteries, annual sales ranking of the top in the industry, product coverage, and exported to Asia and Europe and Latin America.

              Company founded yilai, insisted go technology innovation, and science development of road, focused on talent team construction and employing mechanism innovation, and management innovation, and culture innovation, and marketing innovation, system innovation work construction, established has Zhejiang Super Granville new energy technology Institute, and provincial high-tech development center, and provincial Enterprise Technology Center, and postdoctoral research workstation, and research cooperation Center, research institutions, has Professor, and Dr, and master, levels various professional technology talent 288 name, has bear national technology department torch plans project 4 items, 3 state key new products, 3 provincial high-tech products, the provincial new product 28, with 11 patents of invention, utility model and design patent on 151, participate in the formulation of national and industry standards on 11, 51 papers in professional journals published at home and abroad in recent years.

              Has made has Forbes "China potential 100 list", and 2005-2007 years continuous three session "China growth hundred strong", and China private enterprise integrated competitiveness 50 strong, and China independent innovation capacity industry ten strong, and most with growth sex technology type SMEs 100 strong, was Zhejiang Provincial Government, and China private technology association, and China Research Association, and province Technology Office, and province by letter Board technology award 8 items, China electrical industrial most with influence brand, and Zhejiang Province high-tech enterprise 100 strong, Zhejiang Province excellent development center, and China invention patent excellent award, and Zhejiang Province manufacturing hundred strong enterprise, and Zhejiang Province patent demonstration enterprise, and Zhejiang Province innovation type pilot enterprise, and famous trademark, and Zhejiang Province famous trademark, and Zhejiang brand, and Zhejiang Province well-known firm, and Zhejiang province business enterprise credit AAA level, and world environmental and new energy industry China battery industry leading enterprise, and world environmental and new energy industry China influence 100 strong, and national enterprises intellectual property pilot units, and China research cooperation results innovation award.

              Third place: sails company limited (sail)

              Sails company limited (hereinafter referred to as the sails) under the China shipbuilding industry Corporation. Company formerly known as Baoding battery factory, founded in 1958, is the "15" national 156 key projects during one of the June 2000 by the China shipbuilding industry Corporation as the primary sponsor to establish joint-stock companies, "sail shares" a-shares (600482) listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in July 2004, total equity of 531 million shares.

              Sails is Faw mass, and svw, and Shanghai General, and Beijing modern, and Dongfeng car, and Changan car of perennial cooperation party, is Audi A6, and Passat led Yu, and Buick wing Royal, in the high-end models of exclusive supporting commercial, domestic car up moving battery market share reached 20% around and export more than 30 multiple national and area, continuous three years among Yu "China car parts hundred strong enterprise", and "China mechanical industrial hundred strong enterprise", 1987 yilai main operating technology indicators has been home industry forefront, Is currently the strongest, largest and highest market share of automotive starting batteries manufacturer. In 2004 by the State Ministry of personnel, the State-owned assets management oversight board awarded "advanced collective of Central enterprises" honor, in 2010 and 2011 was named "national user satisfaction enterprise" and "national advanced enterprise of implementing excellent performance mode special award". 2013, Ministry of industry and information technology, has been named "industrial enterprise quality benchmark", ACFTU has been named "national model of staff education and training", at the same time as manufacturing hundred enterprises in Hebei province, Hebei province, Hebei provincial Government Award for quality, social responsibility leader.

              Sails in recent years following the national industrial policy, stick to the road of sustainable development, while continuing to maintain automotive lead-acid Starter batteries industry leading position on the basis of, has stepped up its adjustment of product structure, annual output of 1 million kvAh industrial batteries, 30 million lithium-ion battery core projects have been put into production.

              Sails in "Twelve-Five" planning in the clear proposed to accelerated structure adjustment, optimization resources configuration, focus on development cycle economic, big car battery, do strong industrial battery, do excellent new energy battery, will storage can battery, and AGM battery, and power type lithium battery as sails new of economic growth, continued enhanced core competitiveness, to "Twelve-Five" late, sails shares will achieved industrial gross (price) 8 billion, and business income 7.5 billion, and increased value 1.5 billion profit 200 million of economic indicators, By 2020 to become China's number one, world renowned energy industry group.

              Fourth place: Guangdong Yuasa battery company limited (Yuasa)

              Yuasa Corporation was founded in 1918, has nearly 90 years of history, is a professional engaged in the research, development and production of batteries for a long time, global development of batteries, Yuasa (Yuasa) brand batteries worldwide, in 2005 and in Japan battery merged to become the global industry for second place. With more than 20 production plants around the world, with a lead content of about 11% of the world, mainly in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Honda, and Toyota's production, such as automotive starting batteries, wuyang Honda motorcycle batteries and lithium-ion batteries, and so on, products are sold worldwide and achieved in the global industry, major users alike.

              Companies to comply with regulations, protect the environment, energy saving, pollution prevention, total employee involvement, continuous improvement of environmental policy. Company to meet the needs of the market, products not only meet the domestic demand, and lots sold back to Japan and exported to Europe and America.

              Guangdong soup shallow battery limited established Yu 1996, is Corporation Jay scholar soup shallow International (Xia said "Japan Headquarters") in China city only of production "YUASA" NP, and NPL, and UXH, and UXL series valve controlled type sealed lead acid battery of large production base, full used Japan headquarters most advanced of lead acid battery manufacturing technology, adhering to Japan headquarters 90 years professional development, and research, and manufacturing lead acid battery of many technology experience.

              Yuasa battery characteristics

              Maintenance is simple: while charging the battery caused by gases being absorbed back into the electrolyte, and basically no electrolyte to reduce.

              High liquid electrolyte is absorbed in a special partition, remains the flow state, so even though the fall can also be used. (Down more than 90 degree cannot be used)

              Superior security: due to the extremely overcharge errors cause excessive gas can be released to prevent battery bursting.

              The self-discharge: Pb-CA alloy grids are produced with a special, a minimum self-discharge.

              Long life (life 3-6) economic good: good corrosion-resistant special battery grids of lead-calcium alloy, while the use of special partitions can keep the electrolyte, again with a strong pressure is being active, shed, so the battery is a long life and economic.

              The internal resistance is smaller: due to the small internal resistance, high current discharge characteristics.

              Excellent after a deep discharge recovery: in case of prolonged discharge, if fully charged, hardly appeared less capacity, can be resumed quickly.

              Fifth place: leoch international technology limited (rationale)

              Leoch international technology limited (leoch international) was founded in 1999, is specialized in LEOCH (rationale) full range of lead-acid battery research, development, manufacture and marketing of international new and high technology enterprises, Hong Kong's main board-listed companies (leoch international 00842. HK)。 After years of growth, leoch International has become the leading lead-acid battery manufacturers in China and the largest exporter of lead-acid batteries.

              Leoch international now has in domestic established has Shenzhen, and Dongguan, and Zhaoqing, and Jiangsu, and Anhui five a regional production base and the abroad Malaysia, and Sri Lanka two a regional production base, accounted for to area near 910,000 square meters, has 70 article battery production line and corresponding of detection equipment, and Zhaoqing, and Jiangsu two a specifically of battery research development center, common constitute I company advanced and strong of development manufacturing capacity. Currently domestic total workers more than 10,000 over people, both at home and abroad technology development personnel more than 400 over people, production alternate type, and up moving type, and power type full series of lead acid battery, including: AGM valve controlled type sealed lead acid battery, colloidal (GEL) valve controlled type sealed lead acid battery, pure lead battery, UPS with high power series battery, ship with battery, railway with battery, Kai blackout pool, car with lead acid battery, motorcycle with lead acid battery, OPzV, and OPzS, and PzS, and PzV, and PzB-tube plate for lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries for golf carts, sweeping the car batteries, lead-acid batteries used for electric bikes and other products. Products are widely used in telecommunications, electricity, radio and television, railways, solar, UPS, emergency lighting, security, alarm, gardening tools, automotive, motorcycles, golf carts, forklifts, electric vehicles, baby carriages and a dozen other related industries, when annual production capacity exceeds 20.001 million kVA.

              Forward-looking research and development team and high-quality manufacturing standards for enterprises with international competitiveness and global influence. Enterprises in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia to set up sales companies and warehouses, with more than 30 sales companies and offices at home and abroad, and its products are sold worldwide in more than 100 countries and regions.

              In practice, leoch international innovation and strive to forge ahead. In quality control, professional quality management center was established. Successfully passed the ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and a series of certification; Enterprises with famous overseas battery company has carried out a number of technical cooperation, both at home and abroad to introduce advanced equipment and instruments, with a number of national patents, manufacturing capacity has reached the international advanced level. And continuous technical exchanges and cooperation with well-known universities, established the research base and improve capability of independent innovation of enterprises and for enterprises to become global, competitive leading battery manufacturer, has laid a solid foundation.

              Sixth place: Jiangsu Shoto Group (double)

              Shoto Group is China's high-tech new generation energy research and development, production and sales base, the industry leader. Double China's chemical and physical power industry association and the China battery industry association, Vice Chairman of the unit, with the industry's leading provider of high-quality products and systems, scientific research and development capacity and marketing service capabilities.

              Shoto Group was "State contracts and keep promise in enterprises", unwavering attention to product quality, credibility and perceived value in the service of competition. In the development of enterprises, is the industry's only pair of "national environment-friendly enterprise", "China famous trademark", "national key high and new technology industrial group", "China's top electronics and information enterprises" honor winner.

              Continue to draw the world's most advanced concepts and technology to enhance the capability of independent innovation, is to double as an original source and rigid internal. Double always adhere to the strategic cooperation with scientific research institutes and innovative scientific research, established and advanced energy development and Research Center, jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician workstation, post-doctoral research station, a State-level Enterprise Technical Center and Nanjing Institute of technology development, undertake national 863 scientific research projects and developing forward-looking high-end new energy projects in the world.

              Shoto Group courage to shoulder social responsibility, policy call to firmly advance the cause of green, low-carbon, faithful practice of "new energy, circulation, high tech" philosophy religion guidelines. Double-focusing on the design, development, system management, recycling, green procurement, energy saving five links focus on management, promote social progress, commitment to corporate responsibility, on the path to green energy driving the future of always, never stop.

              Shoto Group always focused Yu communications, and power, and railway, and aviation, and military, and civilian, field, dedicated for international first-class enterprise provides full energy store solution programme, in domestic mainstream communications operators market share years stability home first, made has Europe, dozens of a national of into network certification, sold United States, and United Kingdom, and India, five continents more than 80 multiple national and area, overseas sales performance near 5 years continued growth.

              "Traditional battery-makers" to "new energy systems solution provider" full speed upgrade. Shuangdeng today are more mature, more than any time in the past experience, to provide customers around the world, systems of energy storage solutions. Generation and production, prototype design generation, idea generation, generation of positive gradient structure extending the breadth and depth of product development, high technology products reached the highest level, into global high-end competition in markets for energy products.

              Today's double is committed to the well-being of society in which human existence and mission to revitalize national industry, exploration to solve the world's energy problems, and strive to achieve global green and harmonious, with technology and products to create green industry chain on the win-win situation, opening a new era of energy.

              Seventh place: Harbin coslight storage battery company limited (guangyu)

              Coslight international group company was founded in 1994 and listed on the main Board of the stock exchange in Hong Kong in 1999. Harbin coslight storage battery company limited, group in the country has 24 subsidiaries such as Harbin coslight power company limited, has 15 subsidiaries or offices in overseas (Europe, United States, and Russia, Southeast Asia, etc). Groups by the State Ministry of science and technology as high-tech enterprises, establishment of coslight postdoctoral workstation and guangyu Institute. Group's 2011 sales of 5.118 billion yuan, the existing staff of more than 11,000 people, with total assets of 6.2 billion yuan.

              Company is a traditional manufacturing, integrated operating company of the mining industry and the Internet industry. The company's main business areas are divided into three broad categories: first, those for communication of valve-controlled sealed lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion battery manufacturing; the second largest category is the mining industry, mainly mining as a lead-acid battery materials of lead-zinc ore; third category is online gaming operations and research and development.

              Years of rapid development, records the performance of coslight Flash, people-oriented is the basic strategies of coslight, and development is the goal of coslight forever, guangyu ascendant; future full of bright, guangyu is willing to cooperate sincerely with domestic and international friends from all walks of life to create a brilliant future.

              Corporate culture is the source of growth, is the successful harvest of the soil. Enterprise culture is the Gyu valuable spiritual wealth, is the intangible asset of coslight. Continue through convection enterprise spirit and make coslight has a strong centripetal force and cohesive force of enterprise value. Coslight believed that the only culture into modern enterprises, creating a corporate image, Everbright entrepreneurial spirit and guangyu development of 21st century civilization. First light of the new century in the dark impulse, vigorous steps of coslight-persons with a passion. Join the pursuit of progress, development, and the great hope of modern civilization, coslight-persons start their intelligent mind, composing of coslight's corporate culture.

              Coslight philosophy: philosophy is an important part of coslight, guangyu is accumulated in the development of philosophical and practical guidelines in, gave birth to the development of coslight-persons for tomorrow's infinite power.

              Business strategy: the pursuit of quality, beyond the remarkable, based in China, into the world.

              Entrepreneurial spirit: unity and efficiency, people-oriented, innovation and refinement, creating opportunity.

              Enterprise: institutional rationalization, bodies closely, and scientific and professional personnel, modernization means, thinking ahead.

              Talent concept: respect for human values, develop the human potential, create its characteristic of coslight talent.

              Quality concept: the pursuit of the highest international quality standards.

              Service: give you satisfaction, promoting the development of I.

              Eighth place: Jinjiang co, Ltd of Warwick (Warwick)

              Jinjiang co, Ltd--is a member of Warwick: Warwick bodies Altec International Ltd in mainland China of Hong Kong one of the wholly-owned businesses, is a manufacturing and services as one integrated investment institutions. At present, the ventures are: Jinjiang co, Ltd of Warwick, Warwick, Zhangzhou power technology Ltd, Warwick power supply (Thailand) Co Ltd, Quanzhou Hua Tuo plastic and metal products Ltd, Quanzhou branch Nelson car industry development co., Ltd.

              The company firmly believes that quality is the essential condition for the survival of an enterprise in competition. In terms of raw materials, Warwick institution subsidiary developed the plate of the shell and the advanced production technology, provide a powerful guarantee for the quality of raw materials. Technically, produced the series of battery products are in strict accordance with Japan industrial standard lead-acid batteries, developed the series of lead-acid battery products have obtained patents. In production, the company introduced advanced automatic assembly lines and charging, testing equipment, ensure product superiority.

              Quality of raw materials, and advanced of production process casting out high quality of battery, products quality of powerful guarantee, for company through the products certification lay has solid of based, company has was approved for national high-tech enterprise, and 2011-2003 degrees Fujian province focus foster and development of international well-known brand, and through United States UL certification, and EU CE certification, and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and Thiel products certification, and used international standards products certification, and solar PV products gold Sun certification, and GMC good manufacturing product certification, quality license of export products and a variety of inspection reports. In ensuring product quality at the same time, the company focused on environmental protection and the efficient use of resources, the company fitted effluent into new environmental protection equipment such as pool, reducing the generation of wastes, improving the effective use of waste effluent, and passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

              Company produces various series of lead-acid battery products have been exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, and more than a dozen countries and regions, Tongren much praise.

              We would like to sincerely cooperate with you hand in hand, create brilliant tomorrow.

              Nineth place: camel group company limited (camel)

              Camel group company limited is a company specializing in advanced battery research, development, production and sales of integrated high-tech enterprise, advanced battery cover as follows: lead-acid batteries, thin plate pure lead battery, lithium-ion batteries. Company products are widely used in automobiles, agricultural vehicles, ships, trucks, golf carts, electric cars, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, and industrial and special purpose, totaling more than 400 varieties and specifications. While the company also operates the recovery and treatment of waste lead-acid batteries, and produce a variety of plastic products.

              June 2, 2011, the company succeeded in Shanghai a-shares listed on the main Board of the stock exchange, shares referred to as "camel shares" under stock code "601311".

          More than 30 years, the company is market-oriented, worked hard, from scratch, from small to big, and has formed a large conglomerate, has grown into one of the largest battery manufacturing company. Company has perfect quality guarantee system, and has passed ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environment management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, also made the United States UL, European Union CE certification. The company "camel" trademark by the State administration for industry and commerce as China well-known trademarks. With rich experience in battery production, and improve the innovation system, good user relationship and secure sale, sale and after-sales service, the company has become a leading car manufacturer with excellent supplier of commercial vehicle manufacturers, the company mainly ancillary units have more than more than 60. Major companies in the country, in cities with sales and service agencies; overseas product sales business has been expanded to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries or regions.

              Camel group with more than more than 10 of the world's advanced level of battery chongkuo, continuous casting and rolling production line and advanced production technology, and the introduction of Assembly welding production line is the world's leading waste battery recycling systems, as well as the world's most advanced, now cooperate with international well-known brand car manufacturers, including automotive batteries the highest output in the forefront of the industry.

              The company has received a "lead-acid batteries top ten enterprises", "Hubei provincial Advanced enterprises", "national battery manufacturing quality reputation the best enterprise", "Advanced Unit of safe production in Hubei Province", "national advanced enterprise of quality management", a number of automotive OEMs "excellent supplier" and other honors, and was named the "national enterprise technology center". Battery series products were awarded the "first quality brand-name products in Hubei Province", "quality trustworthy product", "national authoritative inspection eligible product" and so on. "Camel trademark and design" by the State administration for industry and commerce as "China famous trademark".

              We are committed to the development, manufacturing of advanced batteries and related products, to provide users with high quality, convenient, safe and reliable product.

              We specialize in good quality, improve efficiency, improve the environment, to further strengthen our leading position on the market.

              Tenth place: Tianjin Klipsch battery company (Universal)

              Tianjin Klipsch batteries Ltd (former Tianjin United Industries Ltd) was founded in Tianjin economic and technological development zone was first established, was one of the major project of the Municipal Government of Tianjin. Mainly produce high performance car batteries, motorcycle batteries. As the world's leading multinational company GS-YUASA group focused on overseas plants, has developed into a national brand, quality, value and service among the industry's highest in large enterprises.

              Tianjin Klipsch battery uphold Japan Corporation GS-YUASA battery battery manufacturing advanced production technologies and hundreds of years of experience, excellence, continuous innovation and development to meet the ever-growing automobile and motorcycle industry on battery performance and quality requirements.

              "GS battery", "unified battery" has become the many excellent supporting business for manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles. Like Toyota, Ford, GM, Nissan, Mazda, the Gold Cup, South-East, Yamaha, Honda, jialing, ZONGSHEN, guangyang, and other well-known companies. While at home repair aftermarket has a wide range of sales channels, each year millions of users and millions of motorcycle users using our products.

              At present, Tianjin Klipsch cells develop into an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan, capacity Super threads, steady and reasonable return, rolling, growing zone of Star enterprise. Fast forward through the 2010 expansion program is expected to double production in 2015 (from 2011).

              As a responsible company, Tianjin Klipsch battery to create "remorse and cooperation" of corporate culture, through employee and corporate "innovation and growth", by battery manufacturers cultivate advanced energy technologies is committed to providing global customers with products and services of comfort and ease. Make a contribution to humanity, society and the Earth's environment.

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