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          Electrical Power, Gather Energy

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              Located in Fengtai Science Park in Zhongguancun, Beijing Hui feng shaped technology showroom, a dozen groups energy storage batteries enlighten the whole hall after a overnight storaging, at night, they enjoyed "feast" dinner, meet the new task the next day. Since shuangdeng Group's wholly owned subsidiary, Beijing Hui feng shaped technology 2012 settled here, such a loop is played out day after day, which is only a microcosm of the company's high-tech.

              In three years, Hui feng shaped expectations, focus on new energy systems integration, charging technology for electric vehicles and efficient power storage technologies, micro-grid technology and application and development of green energy technologies, electric power, telecommunications, petroleum, remote power supply provides a wide range of power system solution. Up to now, the enterprise has been in the field of communications has completed more than 1000 new energy micro-grid demonstration power plant construction, power sector completed the construction of 100MWh electrical energy storage demonstration power plant, to participate in the construction of State grid in 2013 and 2014 national micro-grid demonstration Park area item, scenery, micro-grid energy storage and power generation sectors has established a good foundation for the market, extending a new Blue Ocean.

             Independent research and development challenges "energy storage"

              "In recent years, shuangdeng group except not only be battery experts in the field of communication, but also actively looking for the next point, and eventually find the power and energy industry areas at the national policy guidance. "Shuangdeng Group Vice President, General Manager of Beijing Hui feng shaped Liu Xiaolou introduction, company has established "energy"and "microgrids" and actively participated in the bidding for national pilot projects since formerly known as group business unit.

              In the field of energy, in recent years, Huifeng energy storage built a number of key State projects. The landmark demonstration projects that National Bureau of energy used to power the settlement areas that no electricity before in Western, which built in qilian County of Qinghai province and Gonghe county, requires equipment suit for the large-scale and at high altitude. These groups of storage batteries must work all day long at high altitude. Huifeng energy storage test the whole system in Changzhou and Taizhou to ensure its performance before built offically.

              Like the project built in Gonghe county, Huifeng energy storage provided the key equipment 18MWh lead-acid battery energy storage system. Power station uses the distributed optical and a variety of complementary new mode of energy storage technology, reducing the number of frequent charge and discharge of lead-acid systems, extend the life of energy storage systems. Meanwhile, micro-grid share makes maximum use of photovoltaic, avoiding the stand-alone PV system "abandoned" and "blackout" phenomenon. More exciting is that the Qinghai project designed for research and development of energy storage battery ensures that the five-year period, has surpassed United States and Germany's energy storage battery data.

              Thereafter, Huifeng energy storage began constantly challenge "energy storage": Huifeng energy storage provided sets of 1MW/6MWh tube type colloidal lead acid battery power storage system for "National Views Energy Storage Model Project", which is first highlight project in "Gold Sun Engineering" launched by Treasury, Technology Department, National Energy Council and National Grid Company, is one of the largest renewable energy project including wind electric, PV power, energy storage and power transmission; Huifeng energy storage showed its capacity to built MW level photoelectric project and the distributed power system project in two 5MW gold Sun PV building integration model engineering project, by independent completed declare, investment, design, construction and the shipped dimension work; Hui feng shaped system solutions such as design scheme, device, base station construction and operation instruction Solar energy storage power station project in Mongolia.

             Cooperative weaving "microgrid"

              Micro-grid is an effective admission of new energy carriers, which is an equipment can integrate all kinds of new energy power generation equipment and energy storage equipment, which also could improve healing capability of gird and implements interaction between users and grid. Micro-grid intelligent control and optimal scheduling of energy is one of the core technologies of micro-grid, Huifeng energy storage in-depth research in intelligent management system of micro-grid, and attached great importance to the cooperative education platform to build and leverage.

              "The electrician as a professional Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of scientific research, with important achievements in electrical engineering and energy technology directions, especially in terms of new energy sources, Smart grids, has a unique position in the country. " Liu Xiaolou introduces, Huifeng energy storage cooperate with the Institute of electrical engineering focused on micro-grid system design and control. Huifeng energy storage design micro-grid system and develop control software, and the Institute of electrical system in charge of data acquisition and guidance in the fields of energy optimal scheduling analysis. At present, the party has completed the following projects: "micro-grid system in Weihai", one of the first 40 smart grid demonstration projects to the national grid, Huifeng energy storage provides energy management system of this project and all functions of intelligent control to the system;

              "Urban intelligence network" container hybrid energy storage project is a national 863 Program build by Shanghai Institute for advanced studies of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a model project of Shanghai urban intellectual network project. Huifeng energy storage provided lead-carbon batteries and supercapacitors container consisting of hybrid energy storage systems;

              Huifeng energy storage provided PV energy management system and operation energy control system for micro-grid project in Lanzhou, 2014;

              Huifeng energy storage provided all the equipment and solutions of hybrid micro-grid energy storage and control system for Sichuan University micro-grid project as part of the 863 photovoltaic micro-grid project......

             Recruiting for energy saving and environmental protection

              In the eyes of Liu Xiaolou, development of renewable energy is one of the country's energy strategy, the State through the tax and price policies to give strong support to the development of new energy industry, for the development of new energy industry provides a valuable opportunity. Moreover, micro-grid energy storage and also plays an important role in the construction of new towns, there is scope for the future.

              Huifeng energy storage's target conforms to the development plan issued by Fengtai Science Park, which in Zhongguancun science and technology park, Fengtai Science Park also adopted a series of policies to give strong support to the development of Huifeng energy storage, including SME technology innovation fund, science and Technology Park, high-tech enterprise cognizance of policy and financial support. This inspired Huifeng energy storage's  determination and courage to innovate.

              In order to enhance the ability of independent innovation, group was established enterprise development strategy commission based on PhD and Professor to shape intellectual talents into products and commodities, and strive to build the core competitiveness. Academician Committee guide R&D including global analysis and specific problem, which makes company can sober awareness actual work in the of gap and insufficient, help its solution development in the encountered of problem, clear next technology development of direction and focus; while, constantly focused market and user, timely adjustment related project of indicators requirements, development more has technology content, and market needs and economic of products.

              According to <postdoctoral management regulations> and <Plan of construction of Beijing postdoctoral (young talent) innovation practice base>, Huifeng energy storage established post-doctoral (young talents) of innovation practice base station, based on development planning. Since 2012, cultivation of young talents jointly with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of physics 1 conducted development of proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems for communications, the development of fuel cell systems for communication performance in line with industry standards, through third party testing on the industry products have been demonstrated to meet market requirements, a total of 6 applications for invention patents. This year, the company recruited a post-doctoral station by the Joint Institute of electrical, mainly engaged in the study of micro-grid energy management systems.

              "In 2009, shuangdeng Group wrapped green ' environment-friendly Enterprise ' title, becoming the only award in the field of enterprise. As a subsidiary, Huifeng energy storage has born with genes to energy conservation and environmental protection and social responsibility. "Liu Xiaolou, currently, used battery recycling plant in Jiangsu Rugao, which built Huifeng energy storage with the group has formed upstream and downstream industry chain, could annual dispose scrap lead-acid batteries and lead-containing waste of 100,000 tons, and product refine lead regeneration of 60,000 tons, the historical responsibility to continue to meet energy saving and environmental protection. Huifeng energy storage as a new energy solutions provider, based on the new energy power generation systems, electrical energy storage systems, micro-grid technology innovators, with advanced energy storage technologies to provide new forms of green energy applications for customs. From the day she was born, the "ambassadors" have been "green civilization" dream plays a different role, and will provide "intelligent electric energy storage Summit, poly scenery of" the development mission of the lifelong struggle.

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